Gagnier, Hicks Associates (GHA) is a consulting firm that specializes in development, financing, and assisted living operations.  The firm's efforts promote the creation of distinct residential environments and related service programs for elderly and other special needs populations.  The GHA expertise includes the areas of real estate financing, development, construction, and operation of affordable housing and assisted living for low- to moderate-income persons.

The firm is particularly adept at steering projects through the state and federal review and approval process, pursuant to obtaining a financing commitment and initial closing of the loan.  The firm's staff members work in a number of states and HUD field offices.  As a result, their expertise is broad and encompasses a thorough understanding of the nuances of real-estate development in a dynamic environment.

The firm's relationship with qualified FHA mortgagees enables it to facilitate the lending process for nonprofit as well as profit motivated participants in a number of financing programs.   With recent staff additions, the firm offers extensive experience in the establishment of assisted living services within various elderly residential settings.